About the Luxury Pooch Company

The Luxury Pooch Story

Luxury Pooch is a family owned and operated business.

Luxury Pooch was born out of family, friendship and a mutual love of dogs. Brian, Founder of Luxury Pooch, is an artist and designer with a passion for art, drawing, computers, jewelry, and of course, dogs!
Brian grew up with dogs as beloved members of his family, but he met a particularly special dog when he and his son, Brian Jr., found a lost dog wandering the streets. Brian Jr. quickly named him Bowser, fashioning him as a king in the style of the Super Mario character as only a little boy can. Life quickly became all about spoiling the newest member of the family.
Bowser also became the inspiration for launching Luxury Pooch, also created in memory of Brian’s father, who always encouraged Brian to teach Brian Jr. through books and memorable experiences. Today, Brian gets to teach Brian Jr. all about creativity, hard work, perserverance and starting a business in honor of Bowser, and his father's legacy.

Our mission is to create creative and high quality pieces that will bring a smile to both you and your dog’s face - because what’s better than a happy dog?

Welcome to the Luxury Pooch family!

Brian S
Founder, CEO & Designer at Luxury Pooch